There is one man who won’t be ignored when talking about Roulette wheel bias. Gonzalo García-Pelayo is one of the few men who succeeded in breaking the bank at the roulette tables by mastering the art of the seemingly impossible roulette wheel and turning the advantages in his favour.

gonzalo garcía pelayo roulette

Early life of Gonzalo García-Pelayo

Gonzalo’s life did not start at the roulette. In fact, he was a well-established and known music and film producer before joining the bright lights of the casinos.

Gonzalo García-Pelayo was born in June 1947 in Madrid, Spain, and enrolled in the official music school of Spain in the 60s to study film. Unfortunately, he couldn’t graduate as the school unexpectedly closed down due to lack of funding.

It was at this point that Gonzalo set his career path in the creative arts industry. He was offered a job at National radio, which he readily accepted. 

As a result of the job, he was able to build a successful career in the entertainment industry, producing albums for Spanish recording artists like Alameda, Luis Pastor, Triana, Carlos Puebla, Maria Jimenez, and several other artists. Gonzalo is primarily known for his significant contribution to the creation of the Andalusian rock genre, which makes him an important figure in the Spanish community.

Gonzalo went ahead to produce some feature films in the 70s and 80s, including Manuela and Living in Seville. He entered the gambling scene in the 90s when he started playing at Casino Gran Madrid as a hobby. Soon enough though, he came to the realization that there were some imperfect roulette wheels in the Casinos.

Gonzalo’s stint at the wheels 

Determined to get to the bottom of this, Gonzalo spent months studying roulette wheels in Spain Casinos. He noticed that it simply wasn’t possible to build a perfect roulette wheel. There were small unnoticeable design errors in pocket sizes, wear and tear etc that made the wheels biased. 

He then recruited his daughter Venessa and son Ivan who spent hours at the Casino studying and recording the outcomes of the roulette wheels. They recorded thousands of wheels, and once they were done, Gonzalo analyzed the data on his computer. He was able to identify several biased wheels that he could use to his advantage.

He and his family started betting in Spain and managed to turn the odds in their favour even though their strategy wasn’t guaranteed success. They gambled all over Spain and accumulated a substantial amount but were soon banned from playing in several Casinos. One casino sued him and his family, but the courts ruled in his favour stating that there was nothing illegal with his strategy of using the computers to study the wheels. 

Once he and his family couldn’t gamble in Europe anymore, they moved to Las Vegas Casinos. There, they made around $1.5 million in different Casinos. But even in Las Vegas, it was difficult for them to play undetected, so the family tried to blend in by changing their accents.

Because of his unique approach, Gonzalo and his family soon became recognized and marked across global casino venues and, eventually, banned. This forced him to retire from the gambling world.

gonzalo garcia pelayo

Gonzalo, what is he up to now?

Though Gonzalo ended his glorious reign at the tables, he wrote “The fabulous story of the Pelayos”, published in 2003. The book documents the family’s stint at the Casinos and makes a compelling read for gambling enthusiasts.

The family also became the subject of the documentary Breaking Vegas: The roulette assault, which played on the History channel. Through the documentary, his incredible story has inspired many roulette players worldwide.

Nonetheless, Gonzalo García-Pelayo continues to use his mathematics knowledge to explore more possibilities in the gambling industry. Yet he has since turned to other gambling areas like sports betting and poker.

Casinos have since learned from their mistakes and upped their game by perfecting their wheels during manufacturing. Also they tightened surveillance to watch players who study the wheels, making it difficult for advantaged players to win. The good news is, unlike in the 80s, nowadays, you don’t have to drive for miles to play roulette like Gonzalo did. There are several online casinos that offer roulette games where you can try your luck!

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