Opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and Don Johnson grabbed the opportunity with two hands when he saw it. This isn’t just another tale. It is the reality of a man who didn’t rely on card counting or cheating to make huge winnings in 3 different casinos in Atlantic City. Don Johnson’s winning streak lasted five months, and during that time, he made profits of up to 15.1 million dollars in profit. (the biggest winning in the history of Blackjack) So how did he do it? 

Let’s take a detailed look at Don Johnson, one of the most notorious Blackjack players in history.

don johnson king of blackjack

Early life and history

Don Johnson, the famous gambling legend, was born in Oregon in 1962 and spent his teens competing in horse racing. At some point, he decided to give up horse racing to become a racetrack manager. 

At 30, Johnson was hired as the manager of the Philadelphia Park in Bensalem Township racetrack, which later became Parks Casino and Racetrack. From Philadelphia Park, Johnson moved on to work as a gaming regulator in different states in the US, where he gained knowledge by watching and studying blackjack players. 

Johnson founded Heritage Development LLC, a software company based in Wyoming that used computer programs to wager on horse races.

Don Johnson’s Winning streak in Atlantic City

Prior to his winning streak in Atlantic City, Don Johnson had been playing Blackjack for 10 years, making him a well-equipped veteran player. 

Following the financial crisis of 2008, the economy was still recovering, and so was the gambling industry. Casinos became desperate to attract high rollers, and this was the perfect opportunity for Johnson. The Borgata casino made him a deal with the condition that John would play at their casino at the highest stakes for the possibility of a higher return. Caesars and Tropicana Casino also made him the same deal, which he accepted.

Johnson was reportedly forced to stay on soft 17, receive a 20% rebate on losses over $500,000, use six decks, re-split aces, and more as part of the terms.

Johnson developed a strategy where he used his clever mathematical tactics to beat these houses at their own game. He ended up winning $15,000,000 in total. His winning streak first began in Tropicana, where he won $6,000,000 during a 12-hour marathon. Then at Ceasers, where he won $4,000,000, and at Borgata, where he won $5,000,000 over 3 trips. Ceasars eventually banned him from playing in their casino. Borgata and Tropicana stopped him from playing under those terms because of the losses they reportedly made. 

There are many theories on how Don Johnson won consecutively, but the truth remains that Johnson won fair and square. During the game, he was closely scrutinized on video cameras to see if he was scamming or counting cards. It was determined though that he was using his strategy to play.

don johnson blackjack

Johnson, where is he now?

Following his win in Atlantic City, Johnson’s lifestyle didn’t change much. Close sources reveal that he still lives in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania, where he is still operating a horse wagering business.

But on occasion, he’s been seen partying with celebrities like Bon Jovi and Charlie Sheen and splashing thousands of dollars. At one point, he threw a birthday party for Pamela Anderson in Las Vegas.

Johnson has been interviewed numerous times. He was also featured in a documentary called “The Player”, which describes his life as a Blackjack player. 

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