Whenever you are playing any game, two reasons are involved, either you are playing to win or just for fun. Whatever your reason, we all enjoy the victory, especially when a prize is attached to it. When it comes to Roulette, the goal is to win. You must remember that Roulette is entirely a game of chance, and there is no guaranteed way to win at Roulette. However, there are popular Roulette strategies that most players use when playing.

Now that you have read about how to play Roulette, you can combine everything you know about Roulette with some strategies that may increase your chance of winning. In this article, we have handpicked 7 of the best roulette strategies that might increase your chances of winning, read on to find out how;

1. Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is the most famous roulette strategy and is very simple to follow. The rule of thumb for this strategy is when you lose, do not hold back; do the opposite. Let me explain a little more; this strategy involves not giving up until you win. You can double your bet after every loss until you eventually win. In essence, you are doubling up on the losing bet while reducing the winning chances by half.

The idea behind persistence is that when you win, you will get back all the money you lost so far. Simple, right? The biggest risk associated with this strategy is that you can repeatedly lose until you run out of all cash or reach the maximum betting limit at the table. This strategy is referred to by many as a risk-seeking method.

2. D’Alembert strategy

You should opt for this strategy if the martingale strategy seems a little demanding for you with all the risk-taking involved. Compared to all other strategies, D’Alembert offers a lower risk of losing you money. D’Alembert is almost similar to the martingale technique, but the only difference is Instead of doubling up the bets every time you lose, you increase it by one unit after every loss and increase it by one unit after every win. The whole point of using this strategy is to minimize your losses and increase your chances of winning.

3. Fibonacci strategy

Does the Fibonacci strategy ring any bell to you? Well, this is the idea behind this strategy. The Fibonacci method involves placing a bet according to the Fibonacci sequence to increase your chances of winning Roulette. Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical sequence where each number on the sequence is the sum of the two preceding numbers. Here is an excellent example for you (1, 1, 2,3,5,8,13,21,34…..). The idea behind this strategy is that every time you win a bet, the sequence is reset, and if you lose, you have to continue with the strategy. The rule is when you win, The major risk associated with the Fibonacci strategy is that everything can fall apart when you do not set limits. What this implies is that you can take a long time to recover losses and, in the course, you may run out of money.

4. James Bond strategy

Does the name James Bond ring a bell? This character was known for sophistication, but the James Bond strategy in Roulette is quite simple. If you plan on spending less time on the roulette table, this is the perfect strategy. For this strategy, you place two-thirds of your bets on the numbers 19-36, then one-third on the numbers 13-18, and the remaining third on the number 0 for European Roulette.

The idea behind employing this strategy is to cover as many numbers as possible to increase your chances of winning. 2/3 is the chance of winning, and 1/3 is the chance of losing which can sometimes exceed the number maximum number of bets on the table quickly, which is why if you use this strategy, it means you don’t plan on playing at the table for a long time. The highest risk associated with this strategy is that the potential payout will be lower if you bet on individual numbers.

5. The constant bet strategy.

If you want a good time on the table and avoid risking too much money on a single bet, then this is the perfect strategy for you. You can use this strategy by placing the same bet size in every game round. For instance, for every match, you may place a wager of $10.

The idea behind this strategy is to use less money on the bets and manage your bankroll. By placing the same bet amount on every round, you can play more spins of Roulette without losing all the money at once. This strategy is not best for you if you try to increase the money to walk out of the casino.

6. The grand martingale betting strategy

The grand martingale is more or less the same as the martingale betting strategy only that, as the name suggests, the grand martingale operates on a larger scale and you go bigger every time. the idea behind this strategy is that, every time you lose, you double your current bet plus an extra amount same as the original bet amount. The risk is that you can spend a lot of money but the payout is very huge when you win.

This roulette strategy is the perfect option for you if you plan on spending a lot of cash at the casino. The money can grow profit quickly and you can walk out with a large sum after a few wins. The problem is when you go on a lose streak, you have to stick to the game till you start winning again if you want to get a profit

7. The reverse martingale betting strategy

The reversed martingale betting strategy, also known as the paroli betting strategy, is based on the principle of positive progression. In this strategy, the player increases their bet size after every win rather than every loss, as in the martingale betting strategy. This strategy involves placing a small bet and progressively doubling the bet size each time you win. You can take advantage of the winning streaks to maximize your profits and minimize losses.

This strategy aims to maximize profits within a short time and prevent significant losses in any event of a losing streak. The risk associated with this strategy is that you can quickly lose your profits and end up with significant losses, especially when you experience several loss streaks

Further thoughts

If you read through this article, you are now more than ready to join the table of Roulette. There is no ‘perfect’ betting strategy for Roulette because each one is associated with some risk. Anyway, gambling is a risk you are willing to take in the first place. Each strategy is best if used properly. However, the key takeaway is that Roulette is a game of chance, and there is no strategy that can guarantee your win. Always gamble responsibly and be prepared for the potential risk involved.

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